Francis Boulle: 'MIC made me luckier with women'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 November 2012
Francis Boulle

Francis Boulle

Francis Boulle admits he has become far luckier with women since appearing on 'Made In Chelsea'

Francis Boulle says his luck with the ladies has changed since being on 'Made In Chelsea'.

The diamond-mining heir admits fans of the E4 show try to seduce him by sending him naked photos of themselves, but even though he likes a confident girl he prefers to get to know a potential date in person.

Francis joked: "I've received a few naked photos via text. Am I supposed to think, 'Oh, she's naked, let's go out?' But please, keep sending them. Apologies, grandmother.

"I'm a feminist. Women should be able to ask men out. I'll make a judgement once I've spoken to you."

The bumbling entrepreneur - who has had a string of failed dates over the last three series of 'Made In Chelsea' - revealed his top tips to pick up a posh boy like him are to spend time in bookshops and be very chatty and open with everyone you meet.

Francis said:"Hang out in bookshops. Especially in Chelsea. Go to libraries. That's where all the attractive, intelligent people hang out. Avoid lectures. No one wants to chat. Everyone's too hungover.

"Give everyone the time of day. I've had some very thought-provoking chats with German transvestites."

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