Anne Kirkbride: Coronation Street is 'soul destroying'

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  • 3 November 2012
Anne Kirkbride

Anne Kirkbride

Anne Kirkbride sometimes finds starring on 'Coronation Street' as fan favourite Deirdre Barlow can be "soul destroying"

Anne Kirkbride sometimes finds starring on 'Coronation Street' "soul destroying".

The actress has played Deirdre Barlow on the ITV soap for 40 years, and while she admits the heavy filming schedules can get her down, she'd never quit the show.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "'Coronation Street' can be soul destroying - it's punishing.

"It can be long hours doing the same thing over and over again. You think you've died and gone to hell.

"There are rare moments when you are doing really good stuff. You are on a roll and in loads of scenes, the ­writing's brilliant and you feel great.

"But a lot of the time you are just hanging around for hours.

"At times, it is worse than being delayed at Alicante airport for five hours, because there are no shops.

"I think of it like a flight. I'm like 'OK, we are just getting to the gate. Now we've done the descent, now we've landed, now we're taxiing'. It's just getting through it, counting the minutes until you can go."

However, Anne would never walk out on the rest of the cast because she likes them so much, in particular Bill Roache, who plays her on-screen husband Ken Barlow.

She added: "I can't imagine walking out, thinking this is my last scene ever.

"I've seen plenty of people do it, mind you. But I need to work, I've got two mortgages.

"I'd miss the people too. Bill and I are such good friends. We have a rapport. We understand each other and are on the same wavelength."

While Anne's role as one of Britain's best-loved soap characters may be safe, executives are reportedly planning to shake the show up by cutting up to ten stars from it.

Rumoured to be in the firing line are characters Karl Munro, Marcus Dent, Izzy Armstrong, Rob Donovan and Mandy Kamara.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Executives have a hit list and want to cut the cast by ten - these five are the first in the firing line.

"It is partly down to cost cutting, but partly a feeling that some characters have run their course."

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