Profile: Scream Club

Profile: Scream Club

Occupation Hip hop, glam rock, queer girl band.
What’s the skinny? Scream Club are two very sexy lady rappers by the names of Cindy Wonderful and Sarah Adorable from Olympia, Washington who are making their Scottish debut at Utter Gutter this fortnight.
What do they sound like? Imagine a big-assed booty party in your napper. Scream Club have a knack for gathering up the best bits of electro, hip hop, punk rock and glam rap and mixing them all up to produce some killer dance tunes.
So do they sing about gangsters and smacking their be-hatches up then? Not quite. They write more about everyday stuff. The perils of love, politics, drunk dialling, girl gangs and international adventures are more their bag. These ladies also have a sense of humour when it comes to their lyrics, so watch out for some cleverly composed, and at times hilarious, lines.
Would I feel compelled to dance to their hits? Definitely. Scream Club’s massive club hit last year was the memorably titled ‘Fine as Fuck’, recorded with their friend and collaborater Peaches.
Any other stuff I should look out for? Scream Club’s debut album Don’t Bite Your Sister is a winner and features guest star turns from Gossip front woman and queer icon Beth Ditto and the wonderful Shape Shifters. A new album Life of A Heartbreaker is out now.
So what are they like live? Scream Club’s live shows feature the twosome rolling around on the floor, dancing like maniacs while keeping their raps tight. They have also been known to dress up as giant iPods on occasion. Whatever the case, expect a fun crazy spectacle, a feast for all senses.

Utter Gutter

Utter Gutter hosts a scream-themed evening witgh live music from queer electro, hip hop, glam rock twosome Scream Club (USA). Resident DJ Madame S and IJay Sin (Art of Parties) provide their usual soundtrack of sleazy techno, whoreish disco and pumping homo-electro.

Scream Club

Electro hip-hop duo, who have worked with Peaches and Beth Ditto, play Utter Gutter.

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