Bumpin' & Stompin'


Northern soul events may no longer go on all night but the scene is still alive and well in Scotland, and September welcomes the return of long-standing soul-a-thon Bumpin’ & Stompin’. Run by soul-boy duo Jolly and Shaz the club set out as a humble soirée for friends and fans of the stomp and has since clocked up nearly seven years on the circuit.

‘Originally we planned for maybe 100 and wound up with 700, believe it or not, all crammed into the Wee Red Bar,’ laughs B&S DJ and promoter, Jolly, when asked about the club’s debut with the legendary deep funk don Keb Darge at the ECA. ‘Since then we’ve moved around a lot, from the Venue to the Corn Exchange, Café Royal and now the Hilton. I think it suits us.’ This latest residence brings Edinburgh’s northern soulsters full circle – the Hilton having been at the heart of the scene’s 70s heyday in its previous incarnation as the Grosvenor.

The night itself continues to air the best of soul’s oldies and newies, reflecting Shaz and Jolly’s 30-year fascination. ‘Many of the people who come we have always known through association, right back to the Wigan Casino and the old soul places in Edinburgh,’ says Jolly. ‘We get people from the original Grosvenor soul nights and some bring their kids; so you could say we cater for 20s up to well into the 50s. And, as we’ve always said, anyone with a love of the soul music is more than welcome.’

Bumpin & Stompin

The best of Northern Soul, R&B, garage and everything in between as the Soul Boys return with Terry Perkins, Derek Rubberman Robertson, Kenny Burrell, Martin Wright and John Sharp.

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