Five children's books from Scotland

A Scots Alphabet, The Bunk-Bed Bus, Granny Nothing, Skarrs and Boyracers

Selected by Janet Smyth, children and education programme director at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

 Animal ABC: A Scots Alphabet

Animal ABC: A Scots Alphabet

Susan Rennie and Karen Sutherland (Itchy Coo, 2002)

Fantastic illustrations, and a very funny introduction to a menagerie of animals described in Scots.

 Animal ABC: A Scots Alphabet

The Bunk-Bed Bus

Frank Rodgers (Puffin, 2004)

I love the quirkiness of The Bunk-Bed Bus starring a clever granny who trumps her snooty Neighbour by entering said bus in an art competition.

 Animal ABC: A Scots Alphabet

Granny Nothing

Catherine MacPhail (Strident, 2012)

Granny Nothing is described as a ‘rhinoceros in a frock’ and she crashes into the lives of her grandchildren like a bull in a china shop.

 Animal ABC: A Scots Alphabet


Catherine Forde (Egmont 2008)

A touching novel of a boy who has fallen in with a neo-Nazi gang and is struggling to find a path out of his situation.

 Animal ABC: A Scots Alphabet


Alan Bissett (Polygon 2002)

Set in Falkirk, it describes a group of teenagers just teetering on the cusp of becoming adults.