Alan Moore & Various (2 stars)

Alan Moore

Wild Worlds (Wildstorm)


A lot is made of the genius of Alan Moore, and we can never discredit the man who gave us The Watchmen and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or took Swamp Thing to new celestial heights. But that doesn't mean his every utterance is cosmic gold. As this collection proves.

There are some nice concepts hidden amongst the buxom heroines and over exaggerated heroes, but otherwise this is faceless comic book writing. The Spawn/WildCATs crossover in particular is packed with stilted dialogue and messy exposition, while the Voodoo four part miniseries comes across as a cheap excuse to feature scantily clad women. Moore acolytes might argue that this is some arch comment on the worst excesses of comic book writing in the 90s, but even if that's true it still reads like crap. Definitely not Moore's greatest moment.

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