Also Published - 5 Travel Paperbacks

• Robert Carver - Paradise with Serpents The author follows in the footsteps of his great uncle as he finds adventure and intrigue in the lost world of Paraguay. Perennial.

• Felipe Fernandez-Armesto - Pathfinders This one is a 'history of exploration' which covers the earliest human migrations to the mass moving of people in the 20th century. OUP.

• Kelly Tyler-Lewis - The Lost Men Here comes the 'harrowing story of Shackleton's Ross Sea party' featuring the chaps who were on the supply ship Aurora, which was stranded in Antarctica. Bloomsbury.

• Martin Wainwright (ed) - A Lifetime of Mountains For fans of 'Harry Griffin's Country Diary', which ran in The Guardian for over 50 years, this will be a real treat, as it’s the best of those entries. Aurum.

• Georgina Howell - Daughter of the Desert The Victorian spy, archaeologist, Arabist, author and well-trod traveller Gertrude Bell is the subject of this one. Pan.

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