Miss Kittin

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  • 26 October 2006


Who? Miss Kittin

Occupation Queen of female DJs

Who the hell would call their daughter Miss Kittin? Obviously that’s not her real name. She was born Caroline Herv in 1973 in Grenoble. The Kittin bit first got an airing in 1994 when she played her first set at an illegal rave.

So how did she get into DJing then? She was a bit of a club kid so after a stint as a go-go dancer, she started up a ‘business’ with her mates decorating raves and the like. One night, while her boyfriend was doing some dodgy mixing, she stepped into the breach, found it came naturally and before you could say ‘my boyfriend’s a DJ’, she was DJing herself.

Then what? She ditched school, made friends with DJ Hell and The Hacker and moved to Paris where she recorded her first track, ‘Frank Sinatra’ with The Hacker for DJ Hell’s International Deejay Gigolo label. Then came two more EPs, Champagne! and Intimites and an invite to play at Sonar in Barcelona. That same year (2000), she met Felix Da Housecat at a Swiss music festival, and a few days later they recorded the song that firmly put her on the map - ‘Silver Screen Shower Scene’.

What’s she doing these days? This year she’s released two great mix albums, Miss Kittin: Live at Sonar (2005) and Miss Kittin: A Bugged Out Mix plus she DJs all over the world (including Glasgow).

Miss Kittin plays at Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow Fri 3 Nov.

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