Kimberley Walsh nervous about Girls Aloud watching Strictly

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  • 30 October 2012
Kimberley Walsh dancing on Strictly

Kimberley Walsh

Kimberley Walsh doesn't want Cheryl Cole to watch her perform live on 'Strictly Come Dancing' until she feels more comfortable

Kimberley Walsh doesn't want Cheryl Cole in the 'Strictly Come Dancing' audience.

The Girls Aloud star isn't ready for her band mate to watch her live from the ITV1 studios since it would make her too nervous and distract her from her performance.

The 30-year-old singer - who was recently joined by Nicola Roberts and Nadine Coyle in the audience - explained: "It's easier when no one's there - I focus more and I'm not waving at the audience! But it was nice that they were there and I'll definitely get Sarah [Harding] and Cheryl to come when I'm ready.

"Last Saturday Cheryl was like, 'Shall I come, shall I come?' and I said, 'Give me a few more weeks to settle into it', so she watched it at home. I feel I need to focus on what I'm doing - it's hard to remember everything."

The sexy star doesn't think years of performing tricky choreography with the band has given her an unfair advantage over her fellow contestants in the ballroom dancing competition, but Nicola is convinced her ample bottom will give her an edge.

Kimberly told Look magazine: "I never did ballroom. It would be unfair to say there's no advantage if you're a performer, but dance-wise it's completely different. In Girls Aloud it's more about commercial and street dancing - ballroom is the opposite.

"I don't know how she thinks I'm going to use [my derriere]... maybe it'll come in handy for the salsa and rumba! She makes me laugh, she's obsessed. She can't walk past me without prodding it!"

Girls Aloud

The return of the best act to come out of reality TV in this country, celebrating ten years in the pop business with a greatest hits set on what is rumoured to be their final tour.

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