Union J have security increased

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  • 29 October 2012
Union J

Union J

'X Factor' boy band Union J have had their safety team increased after fans were caught outside their hotel rooms

'X Factor' hopefuls Union J have had their security increased.

The band - made up of Jaymi Hensley, JJ Hamblett, George Shelley and Josh Cuthbert - was shocked when they discovered fans outside their rooms at London's plush Corinthia Hotel, and producers have decided to enlarge their safety team to make sure they are not harmed.

Josh told The Sun newspaper: "Fans have broken into the hotel twice now. One of the times they were right outside our rooms in the corridor.

"We could see them trying to work out which rooms we were in before someone noticed and they were removed by two beefy security lads. Since then our security has been at least five or six times tighter."

Girls have even tried to get jobs at the hotel in a bid to meet the group.

George added: "The hotel has also had about 50 CVs from girls who are desperate to work in the bar since we all moved in. It's just mental.

"We're just normal guys doing our thing and it's crazy to think girls would chase us around and want to be near us all the time."

Union J found themselves in the bottom two of 'X Factor' on Sunday (28.10.12), but managed to stay after judges decided to get rid of Jade Ellis.

Union J

The usual pop and ballads from 'Britain's next big boyband' according to their X-Factor judges.

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