Sid Owen blames lack of rehearsal for exit

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  • 29 October 2012
Sid Owen

Sid Owen

Outsted contestant Sid Owen had just two hours rehearsal with Ola Jordan before this week's 'Strictly Come Dancing' and says the professional was unhappy with their routine

Sid Owen had just two hours rehearsal with Ola Jordan before this week's 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

The former 'EastEnders' actor left the competition this weekend and admits he and his partner had had the "week from hell" as the dancer had had to fly home to Poland to be with her mother, who had suffered a heart attack.

He said: "We really have had the week from hell. Ola has been through it with her mum and we only had a few hours together to practice.

"Literally, we had two hours and that was it. Ola wasn't happy with the routine because she hadn't put it together, so she wasn't feeling it.

"She was nervous and that really rubbed off on me.

"I knew she wasn't happy and wasn't in the right frame of mind after what she'd been through.

"But you've just got to do what you're given and try to make the most of your routine, which is what we did."

Ola - whose mother is now recovering at home - admitted she felt "guilty" leaving Sid in the hands of Iveta Lukosiute while she was away and had hoped their tough circumstances would've led to public sympathy.

She said: "I feel really bad and guilty - I just didn't want us to go out this week because I've bee away and it's not Sid's fault I wasn't here.

"I had hoped people would realise how tough it has been for us this week and give us some votes."

Sid insisted their poor performance was not Ola's fault.

He said: "I'm a bit gutted but I've had a good time.

"Ola said she felt bad about leaving me and I told her, 'Don't worry about me'. It's more important that family comes first."

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