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  • 6 September 2007

• David Peace One of Britain's finest young writers most recently gave us Tokyo Year Zero, the vivid, horrific and difficult tale of a crumbling Japanese detective fighting his demons while trying to track down a very nasty killer. Word Power Bookshop, Edinburgh, Thu 13 Sep.

• James Kelman With the relaunch of his epic The Busconductor Hines, Scotland's only Booker winner chats about life and literature. Mitchell Library, Glasgow, Thu 13 Sep.

• Ian Rankin The clock is starting to tick on Rebus as Last Exit signals the end for the troubled cop. Or does it? Orion; Eastwood Park Theatre, Glasgow, Sun 9 Sep.

• Joe Matt Following in the confessional footsteps of Robert Crumb and Harvey Pekar, Joe Matt pens The Poor Bastard, a tale of a guy with some rather immature obsessions. I think you know the kind of thing we’re talking about here. Jonathan Cape.

• Renée French Here comes a surreal gem about a troubled childhood from this Californian-based cartoonist in the shape of The Ticking. Edison Steelhead is the central character, a lad whose mother died while giving birth to him and is taken away to a deserted island by his misguided dad. Top Shelf.

• Adrian Tomine Like may of the best creative minds, Tomine uses space and silence to great effect. In Shortcomings, a tense human relationship between two people in the film world is given weight by the pauses and gaps which seem to highlight the sense of transition in the story. Faber.

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