Morgan's Spiced on Tour

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Thu 3 Nov; Arches, Glasgow, Thu 10 Nov


OK, as much as this hack might feel like getting on his high horse about cynical advertising ploys and corporate appropriation of the arts, if you’re going to buy into any marketing stunt this month it probably should be this one. Morgan’s Spiced has never been my tipple, but it gets you drunk and that’s probably where you want to be amidst a quality line-up like either of these.

It’s not just the fact that The Cuban Brothers, The Loose Cannons, Unabombers (pictured), the Trouble DJs (Edinburgh only) and the Buff Club boys (Glasgow only) will be taking to the stage at each of these promotional bashes, but remember you’re also getting let in for free to a pair of nights which will undoubtedly go with a swing, a strut, and end with a bang (if you’re lucky, and the Morgan’s is living up to its billing).

In truth, each bash should be a whole load of fun. The Cubans have achieved something between fame and notoriety for their live show, with the atmosphere of a Latin disco carnival and a tongue-in-cheek approach that straddles the boundary between club and comedy act. Robbie Williams is a fan, but don’t let that scare you off. The Loose Cannons are similarly mirthsome, the dryly named Kaiser Saucy and Lord Fader marrying masked onstage personality performance to a bouncing disco set, while Unabombers are the most straight-up DJs on the bill. There will also be contortionists and magicians on hand to perplex your drunken minds all the more.

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