Richard Bacon grills Jane McDonald to tears

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  • 26 October 2012
Richard Bacon

Richard Bacon

Richard Bacon upset the 'Loose Women' panelists with remarks he made during filming of a special episode of 'Million Pound Drop'

Richard Bacon reduced Jane McDonald to tears when filming a 'Million Pound Drop' special.

The radio host - who was paired with comedian Alexander Armstrong - reportedly teased 'Loose Women' panelists Jane, Lisa Maxwell, Sherrie Hewson and Denise Welch, claiming they wouldn't be very good at the quiz and the remarks left the quartet upset.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Richard said he would have done better than the Loose Women on some of the questions and that seemed to spark an exchange of views.

"We didn't pick up on camera exactly what was said because we were concentrating on the game but they didn't part on good terms.

"Although the Loose Women gave as good as they got, at the end of the day they were really upset by his comments, not least Jane.

"In fact, they are still smarting from the incident days later. It's really got to them."

Richard insisted he was "mortified" by the claims and played down talks of a row.

He said: "I am mortified and would never aim to upset anyone.

"We (Bacon and Armstrong) probably said we knew quite a lot of the early questions but there was no altercation.

"I have spoken to Alexander and he is baffled as to where this has all come from. I think a lot of the Loose Women."

The row - which took place while the contestants waited to be interviewed by guest host Alan Carr - is expected to be edited out when the programme airs as part of a mash-up of the station which sees presenters swap shows.

A spokesman for the show declined to comment, as did the 'Loose Women' panellists.

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