The DOT - Electric Circus, Edinburgh, 19 Oct (4 stars)

The DOT - Electric Circus, Edinburgh, 19 Oct

Intimate indietronica show from Mike Skinner (The Streets) and Robert Harvey (The Music)

Where do you go after shifting tons of albums, topping the charts then folding your much loved project? For Mike Skinner it seems that life after The Streets has led to a far more personal project. He's teamed up once again with Robert Harvey, of defunct indie psych-rockers The Music, after Harvey's vocals featured on three tracks on the final Streets album Computers and Blues in 2011.

And it’s a collaboration that really works: the stage show is completely stripped down, just Harvey on guitar and Skinner on synths and laptops. There’s no rapping or oi boy shout-a-long choruses as they share vocal duties. There’s a look of concentration on Skinner’s face; the few glitches feel almost part of the plan; this is a far more organic DIY project now the commercial pressure has been lifted.

The entire show feels incredibly intimate, the duo within touching distance of the audience, sharing banter, stories and jokes with the crowd (Harvey even steps in to sort out a spot of argy bargy about midway though the gig). Musically it’s hard to classify: the beats are more abstract than either member’s former projects and as the night progresses it builds in intensity before ending in a flurry of post-apocalyptic rave beats and 90s house. There’s a strangely pleasing dichotomy as The DOT manage to sound both retro and futuristic at once, capturing both the highs and comedowns of rave culture within a single track.

weapon of choice - The D.O.T

The DOT and The Mouse That Ate The Cat

Continuing the collaboration between Mike Skinner and The Music frontman Robert Harvey which began on the last Streets album.

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