Hugh Bonneville dislikes Downton dog

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  • 25 October 2012
Hugh Bonneville

Hugh Bonneville

Hugh Bonneville hates shooting scenes with the 'Downton Abbey' dog, golden labrador Isis, because she is such a diva

Hugh Bonneville hates shooting scenes with the 'Downton Abbey' dog.

The actor - who plays the Earl Of Grantham in the ITV1 drama - has to do a lot of filming with golden labrador Isis and he admits it's hard work because she's such a diva.

When asked what his hardest scenes were on the hit show, Hugh replied: "For me, it's any scene involving Isis the dog.

"She is a moody little bitch. She rarely comes out of her trailer and demands snacks at all times."

Hugh also revealed how he has no idea if 'Downton Abbey' will return for a fourth series but admits he would be "surprised" if there isn't as he knows writer Sir Julian Fellowes has lots of scripts lined up.

He told The Sun newspaper: "A new series has not yet been confirmed. I have no idea. There is a demand.

"I'd be surprised if we did not do another one. Julian Fellowes, the writer, has so many stories."

The third series is currently airing on Sunday nights and attracts around 10 million viewers a week.

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