Alan Sugar slams BBC over Young Apprentice axe

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  • 25 October 2012
Lord Alan Sugar

Lord Alan Sugar

Lord Alan Sugar is furious the BBC are axing 'Young Apprentice' and has even threatened to take the show to a rival channel

Lord Alan Sugar is furious the BBC are axing 'Young Apprentice'.

The forthcoming new series of the business challenge show - which sees 12 candidates aged between 16 and 17 contest for an investment fund from the tycoon - will be the last but the Amstrad mogul insists it wasn't his decision to get rid of the programme.

He said: "The BBC, in their usual manner, like to palm it off that it's not their fault.

"Let me make it perfectly clear - if it doesn't come back, it will be because the BBC hasn't got the funding or they don't wish to commission it again. I would do it all day and all night.

"The fact is that the BBC have financial constraints and have to juggle their scheduling.

"This is one of many programmes which maybe they won't be able to commission again, so there it is."

Alan is so passionate about helping young people, he has even threatened to take the show to another network.

He added to The Sun newspaper: "Regretfully, if the BBC can't do the show I may have to take the format somewhere else. I'm passionate about business programmes with youngsters.

"One of the reason I like to do the show is that these youngsters get a bad press. That's why I want to continue doing something with young kids.

"All the television channels will be ringing me up tomorrow."

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