Naomie Harris: too old for Bond girl?

Naomie Harris worried she was too old to be a Bond girl in 'Skyfall', but is "flattered" to have been chosen to star alongside 007

Naomie Harris at the Skyfall World Premiere

Naomie Harris at the royal 'Skyfall' premiere in London

Naomie Harris thought she was too old to be a Bond girl.

The actress - who stars alongside Daniel Craig in new 007 movie 'Skyfall' - admits she was shocked when her agent asked her to audition for the role as she assumed at 35, she was past it.

She said: "When my agent first said I was auditioning as a Bond girl, I said, 'I'm 35, I don't think that is very likely.' "

By signing up to the series, Naomie joins the likes of Teri Hatcher, Vamke Jenssen and Halle Berry in taking on a female lead in the movies, but does not think the phrase 'Bond girl' has negative connotations any more.

She said: "I don't mind it at all. I know some people think being called a 'Bond girl' is an insult but I'm hugely honoured and flattered; so many amazing women have been Bond girls before, and now I'm considered one of them? I don't see it as anything derogatory at all.

"Anyway, I don't think it's a term that holds water now, to be honest, because all the women in the movies have evolved so much. They're multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, intelligent and equal to Bond."


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