Mick Hucknall pitched TV talent show

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  • 24 October 2012
Mick Hucknall

Mick Hucknall

Singer Mick Hucknall once pitched a music based star search show to the BBC, but it was rejected in favour of 'The Voice'

Singer Mick Hucknall once pitched a musical talent show to rival 'The X Factor'.

The former Simply Red singer wanted to see a TV programme made which would search for a star based on their talents rather than their looks.

He said: "I approached the BBC about a year ago with the idea of a programme. I said I wanted to find the next David Bowie, the next Freddie Mercury, the next Lennon and McCartney.

"The BBC are the people to do it because they represent British culture, they should be looking to find the next musical icon."

However, Mick's show was never given the green light, after producers settled on 'The Voice', where judges do not get to see what the people they are picking look like until the later stages of the competition.

He added: "They rejected it and went for 'The Voice' instead, which to me was another version of 'The X Factor' because it's not about creative artists."

Mick, 52, also predicts most of the stars from shows like 'The X Factor' will fade away quickly because they are too busy trying to get famous rather than learn a craft.

He added to the Daily Express newspaper: "In the mid-90s I reached the mountaintop of fame and realised there was nothing there.

"The difference is that I have a huge love of music that has kept me sane. If you want a long-term career I really don't think it's enough just to want to be famous. It will only bring you disappointment because you realise how empty it is in the end."

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