Jonny Lee Miller: 'It's strange to see Sherlock on billboards'

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  • 23 October 2012
Jonny Lee Miller

Jonny Lee Miller

Jonny Lee Miller has admitted that it feels "strange" to see himself as Sherlock Holmes on New York billboards after taking on the role in new TV series 'Elementary'

Jonny Lee Miller finds it "strange" to be all over New York billboards.

The English actor plays Sherlock Holmes in the new TV series 'Elementary' - which is set in the Big Apple rather than London - but he is still having trouble accepting how big the role is and admits that it is surreal for both himself and his son to see him blown up on the city's billboards as the popular character.

Commenting on seeing himself Jonny said: "The day that isn't strange will be a sad day. I had to sit my little boy down and explain to him why, when he is standing on the street with his mum and a bus goes past, it has daddy on the side.

"That has got to be quite odd for a three year old."

The 39 year old plays a post-rehab Sherlock who battled with a cocaine addiction in the new series and stars opposite 'Charlie's Angels' star Lucy Liu, who controversially takes on the role of the detective's accomplice Doctor Watson.

However, Jonny insists that Watson being female doesn't mean that people should jump to conclusions.

He explained to Metro newspaper: "The friendship is core - the partnership and the fact that she is his sober companion, employed to keep an eye on him.

"The fact that they are a man and woman shouldn't matter but there is that element, people are going to wonder.

"And wondering and asking questions is something you generally want your audience to do."

'Elementary' begins tonight (23.10.12) on Sky Living at 9pm.

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