Alice Cooper: Young rock bands are 'boring'

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  • 22 October 2012
Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper has slammed young rock bands for becoming "really boring" and too "afraid" to be themselves in contrast to their female counterparts such as Lady Gaga

Alice Cooper has slammed young rock bands for becoming "really boring".

The 'Hey Stoopid' singer hit out at modern male groups saying they are too sensitive and "afraid" to be themselves, and he has been left particularly unimpressed by their stage shows in contrast to their female counterparts such as Lady Gaga.

Speaking at Q magazine's annual awards this afternoon (22.10.12), he told BANG Showbiz: "The girls seem to be the only ones doing theatrics, the guys have taken a back seat when it comes to that, Lady Gaga and the others just seem to be more creative when it comes to the stage shows.

"The guys have become boring, really. It just seems like young rock bands are afraid to be young rock bands. There's a lot of thrust missing from rock 'n' roll. I don't know why, everyone's trying to be very sensitive. In the 70s the last thing on our minds was sensitive."

The 64-year-old singer also hit out at the "lumberjack" dress sense of rock bands today as well as their songs, which he believes should be made up of lyrics about girls rather than current affairs.

He added: "90 per cent of rock bands wear corduroy on stage, with little beards and they look like they're lumberjacks. And they sing about how much they hate oil. That's not rock n roll, they should be singing about boys and girls - that's always what it's been about. Or if they are singing about girls it's always, 'I'm so sorry I was bad.' Quit being sorry!"

Alice also took a swipe at the religious beliefs of The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers - who is a Mormon - as when asked if he was referring to the 'Mr. Brightside' hitmakers, he replied: "The Killers are great, for Mormons!"

Mormons are a religious and cultural group who believe in Jesus Christ and don't drink alcohol or take illegal drugs.

Alice Cooper

Old school shock rock at its very best featuring a full horror show theatrical spectacle from the Coop.

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