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Scottish Dance Theatre

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In the past ten years, Scottish Dance Theatre has commissioned over 30 works, none more captivating, emotive and engaging than Liv Lorent’s Luxuria. So it’s little wonder that for its 21st anniversary tour, the Dundee-based company has chosen to commission Lorent again. Featuring music by award-winning Italian film composer, Ezio Bosso, Tenderhook looks at love and relationships as only Lorent can.

‘I think both the audience and the performers find emotional release through the world Liv creates,’ says artistic director Janet Smith. ‘As well as enjoying something beautiful and uplifting. And there’s something strongly cinematic in the way she juxtaposes imagery and music – it’s visually arresting.’

Joining Lorent on the bill will be Second Storm, a new work choreographed by SDT dancer Michal Zahora. Created in collaboration with Czech company Nanohach, the work will be performed by both companies in their respective countries – further compounding SDT’s international reputation. And not only is Scottish Dance Theatre celebrating its 21st birthday this year, but it’s also Smith’s tenth year at the helm. At this pivotal time, how does she view her company’s place in the dance world?

‘I think of SDT as a family-sized laboratory/cottage industry,’ says Smith. ‘And our driving force is a passion to create and perform dance that explores human experience, and what it is to be alive in the world today.’ (Kelly Apter)

Dundee Rep, Thu 13–Sat 15 Sep

Scottish Dance Theatre: New Season Premiere

Rep-based company Scottish Dance Theatre premieres two new pieces of work before taking them on tour around the UK and Europe later this year. 'The Life and Time of Girl A' tells the story of a girl trying to make a film and 'NQR' takes a playful look at ideas about normality.

Scottish Dance Theatre

Double bill from the Scottish Dance Theatre, with new work by Liv Lorent and the emotionally charged 'Sorry for the Missiles' by choreographer Vanessa Haska.

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