Lisa Riley becomes Strictly sex symbol

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  • 21 October 2012
Lisa Riley

Lisa Riley and Robin Windsor

Lisa Riley has had hundreds of offers from male admirers since appearing on 'Stricly Come Dancing' star and is flattered by the attention

Lisa Riley says 'Strictly Come Dancing' has turned her into an unlikely sex symbol.

The curvy star - who rose to fame playing bubbly Mandy Dingle on 'Emmerdale' - has been inundated with requests for dates since wowing the public with her footwork on the BBC One show, but is yet to take any of her "dodgy" suitors up on their offers.

Lisa laughed: "I have had a lot of fanmail and messages from male admirers. Some are a bit dodgy - those people are probably in prison - but most are nice.

"It's a shame that a lot of the men aren't exactly Brad Pitt. You see a nice comment on twitter, then you look at the profile photo and - maybe not.

"I haven't had any marriage proposals but there have been requests for dates. I have had lots of people saying they would love to go to the pub with me."

The 'Waterloo Road' star is flattered by the public's positive response to seeing a "big girl" on screen and credits the costume department for making her feel sexy and confident when she performs.

Lisa told The Sun newspaper: "I don't want to be a caricature. I want to be ladylike and I want to be sexy -- if I can be those two things then I'm dead happy.

"The costume department are great, they are really onside. In certain things I do feel sexy. I felt sexy performing the cha-cha-cha in the first week.

"And it is flattering when people say nice things, no matter what those people look like. Everyone likes to hear, 'You look lovely today' or, 'I saw you at the weekend and you looked cracking'. A bit of sugar never goes amiss."

Lisa and her dance partner Robin Windsor impressed the judges last night (20.10.12) with a fast-paced jive to Madonna's 'Hanky Panky'.

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