Sam Mendes' feisty relationship with Daniel

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  • 21 October 2012
Sam Mendes

Sam Mendes

Sam Mendes' relationship with Daniel Craig is "pretty feisty" because the British actor put "100 per cent of himself" into playing James Bond in 'Skyfall'

Sam Mendes' relationship with Daniel Craig is "pretty feisty".

The 'Skyfall' director has revealed the British actor was challenging to work with because he knew the role of James Bond inside out and was constantly giving his input into scenes.

Sam said: "It was pretty feisty. He puts a 100 per cent of himself into it. He doesn't leave anything at home. And he has opinions about everything, which is as it should be.

"But it's very odd because I've never directed an actor in a role which, in a sense, he knows better than I do. Here it's like, 'Well he's played Bond already, so I'm the newcomer'."

Sam admitted his approach to directing the new 007 film was unorthodox and he wanted a small set so he could work closely with his actors, as well as allowing a return to a more human, flawed approach to the iconic characters created by late Bond author Ian Fleming.

He said: "Daniel walked on set on the first day, at Pinewood, and went, 'This doesn't feel like a Bond movie.' It was much smaller. I kept it small. I worked hard to keep it on a human scale, for the actors.

"Fleming put a lot of things in those novels that the movies threw out, because they were considered too dark. Now we live in an era where these things are not only appropriate, but almost necessary. If you've got a big franchise movie without a f***ed-up character, it's not worth doing."

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