Sam Mendes: Skyfall will be crowd pleaser

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  • 20 October 2012
Sam Mendes

Sam Mendes

Sam Mendes thinks 'Skyfall' is the Bond film the audience wants to see and believes

Sam Mendes thinks 'Skyfall' is the Bond film the audience wants to see.

The 'American Beauty' filmmaker relished directing the movie as he had a clear opinion of how he wanted to reinterpret the classic spy franchise and he believes late author Ian Fleming, who is known for his James Bond series of novels, would've loved it.

Sam said: "I don't think I realised how crystallised my opinions were until I sat down and said, 'This is the Bond movie I want to make.' ... But it's also the Bond I think an audience wants to see, and also that Ian Fleming might have enjoyed."

The director decided not to listen to critics and followed his own intuition after he discovered that not one person had the same opinion about what makes Bond great.

He explained: "Everybody has an opinion, and they're all different. Literally, on one day someone said to me, 'God, I hope you put some humour into this. Then, half an hour later someone said, 'Oh, it's so much better now they're not trying to be funny.' Then others say, 'Oh, please can it not be so violent,' or, 'You've got to put more explosions in there.' "

Sam insists he wouldn't rule out directing another Bond film in the future and would be happy to return behind the camera if the response from the audience is positive and he found another killer idea.

He added: "I've enjoyed it enough to do it again. The choice is in the audience's hands. If people love the movie and want to see another one from the same people, that would mean a lot to me. I would feel like, well, actually there are people who really want to see it.

"But I feel like I've put everything I want to do with a Bond movie into this Bond movie. I would have to feel the same. It would take a lot of thought to make it as special to me. I'm knackered, but I've love it."

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