Rylan Clark knows he can't win The X Factor

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 19 October 2012
Rylan Clark

Rylan Clark

Rylan Clark has admitted that he knows he won't win 'The X Factor' and has instead aimed to be "the first dance act" to come out of the competition

Rylan Clark knows he won't win 'The X Factor'.

The outspoken singer - who is known more for his wild antics than his vocal ability - is "fully aware" of his vocal limitations but he is still enjoying the experience."

Rylan said: "If I entered this competition thinking I could win it, the world would be a wrong place. I'm fully aware of my abilities. I love singing, I've been singing for a long while. I haven't had the chance to show my serious side yet.

"I did kind of at Judges' Houses but it was 50 degree heat and I was p***ed out there every night so I thought, 'Well I'm gonna enjoy it while I'm here!' I just need to have a bit more confidence in myself!"

The 23-year-old hopeful - who along with James Arthur and Jahmene Douglas is mentored by Nicole Scherzinger - is aiming to be the first successful "dance artist" to come out of the competition, insisting that he never wants a "normal job" again.

He explained to BANG Showbiz: "The point of me doing this is I want to be the first dance artist to come out of 'X Factor'. We all know you don't have to win this show to do well. JLS, One Direction. I don't expect to be as big as them!

"I don't expect anything, I've just been brought up like that. I'm very grateful and really lucky to get this far. I've had to prove a lot more than certain people. I don't want a normal job. I've not got the best voice, but I love to perform."

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