Tourists given art on their way out of Scotland

Tourists given art on their way out of Scotland

The talent of one of Scotland’s most interesting upcoming writers was flying all over the globe last week. The Scottish Arts Council, in partnership with BAA Edinburgh and publisher Faber & Faber, sent 1000 international passengers home with a work of art from Scotland.

Passengers travelling outside the UK were given a copy of Kirsty Gunn’s novella The Boy and the Sea, which was awarded the £25,000 Sundial Scottish Arts Council Book of the Year Award 2007 at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. A short DVD celebrating Scotland’s artistic excellence and enthusiasm for innovation, created by the Scottish Arts Council especially for an international audience, was also given away.

The aim of the giveaway, said organisers, was to showcase Scotland’s talents to a global audience.

Richard Holloway, chair of the Joint Board of Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Screen, said: ‘We love it when people visit Scotland to join us when we are making festivals but we are sad when they leave us to return to their own homes. Now they will take a bit of us with them in the form of this wonderful book. Scotland, in a thousand little pieces, will be scattered all over the world.’ (AM)

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