Andrew Kerr: Delmess was Charged (4 stars)

Andrew Kerr: Delmess was Charged

An easy-to-like exhibition of the Glasgow-based artists paper-based works

It is hard not to like these acrylic works on paper. Unframed and pinned to the white wall they sit comfortably, owning the space, yet not too precious. Pigments in a muted tonal range have been moved around on the small-scale canvas in an automative manner, at times hinting at an outline of a shape. Occasional brightness luminesces from beneath the surface. These works are dependent on one another, relying on each other’s colours, small size and searching brush strokes to bring to life their own worth.

Glasgow-based artist Andrew Kerr has also created three-dimensional works. They bring together the wall-based works to form a cohesive show. Similar to his paintings, objects lie small in the process of becoming. These curious paper shapes seem to have been chewed, moulded and spat out on an operating table for closer examination.

It is exactly this lure to closer inspection that keeps you squinting, zooming, focusing, considering, doubting and reconsidering the appeal of the works on show.

The Modern Institute, Glasgow, until Sat 20 Oct.

Andrew Kerr: Delmess Was Charged

New abstract paintings and sculptures by Glasgow-based artist.