Choreographer Martin Lawrance dicusses new work Madcap

Choreographer Martin Lawrance dicusses new work Madcap

The dancer has created the work for Richard Alston Dance Company

For years, the only person who created work for the Richard Alston Dance Company was Alston himself. More recently, we’ve come to expect regular contributions from talented heir apparent, Martin Lawrance, the latest of which is Madcap. Set to an arresting soundtrack by New York’s Bang on a Can, Madcap comes hot on the heels of Lawrance’s energetic work for Scottish Ballet, Run For It. But after working with pointe-shoed ballerinas, he felt it was time for a change.

‘I wanted to do something very different,’ says Lawrance. ‘I used quite a classical language with Scottish Ballet, but Madcap is all quite earth-bound, rougher and more raw than my usual work.’

Although essentially abstract in nature, Lawrance’s work usually has a narrative starting point – even if it’s only in his head. With Madcap, however, he expects the audience to follow his train of thought.

‘I’m not portraying a story ballet, but there is a narrative thread running through it which should be clear enough,’ he says. ‘There’s a story about relationships that could go sour, and one of the characters is a kind of dark force that comes out of nowhere and tries to change things.’

Madcap sits alongside two Alston works, Shimmer and Devil in the Detail, both of which Lawrance has worked on in his role as rehearsal director. ‘I love seeing a master like Richard at work, and then as rehearsal director looking after his works and digging deeper into them.’

Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Tue 23 Oct; Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Thu 1 Nov.

Richard Alston Dance Company

Richard Alston Dance Company present Richard Alston's Devil in the Detail inspired by the music of Scott Joplin, Martin Lawrance's Madcap with music from New York band Bang on a Can All-Stars and Shimmer with costumes designed by Julien Macdonald. There's a pre-show talk, free to ticket-holders, at 6.30pm.

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