Jo Mango - Murmuration (5 stars)

Jo Mango - Murmuration

An intimately detailed, delicately sung little lyrical tableaux

Cautiously choosing her path in music these last several years, this Glasgow-based alt.folkie has followed the low-key self-releasing route, while completing a doctorate in musicology, when she could have gone major label.

Wider exposure predictably remains elusive, but her prodigious talent hasn’t stayed unrecognised – she’s worked with Vashti Bunyan, David Byrne and Devendra Banhart. Considering her chosen path led to Murmuration, it has to have been the right one, Mango’s slight enigma only augmenting its dreamlike feel.

Guitar, kalimba, squeezebox and the like set a spare, shimmering backdrop to an intimately detailed, delicately sung little lyrical tableaux.

Jo Mango

Acoustic singer songwriter known for her vast array of instruments and artistic collaborations.

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