Neurosis - Honor Found in Decay (3 stars)

Neurosis - Honor Found in Decay

Ten albums in, Neurosis continue to evolve. Kicking off with the uncharacteristically forthright riff ‘We All Rage in Gold’, Honor Found in Decay occupies a space between their more contemplative, work and the confrontational style of 2007’s Given to the Rising.

Other bands deploying this über-macho vocal delivery and oppressive metallic trudge might be grim and ponderous. But every time Neurosis themselves are at risk of this, they do something that transcends their genre. ‘My Heart for Deliverance’, for one, is remarkably inventive, sweetly poignant and planet-crushingly heavy all at the same time. It’s these kinds of moments that justify Neurosis’ status as elder gods of the style they pioneered.

Neurosis - We All Rage In Gold (2012)

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