Darren Hayman & The Long Parliament - The Violence (2 stars)

Darren Hayman & The Long Parliament - The Violence

A handful of evocative instrumentals prove the only highlights in this 20-track monster

Darren Hayman would be the first to acknowledge that he hasn’t been blessed with a glorious voice. And surely even his most ardent admirers will concede that he’s not immune to penning some fatally bad lines: ‘You’re three times prettier than your portrait’ and ‘you were beautiful when I met you/you were beautiful in jail’ are just a couple of the sprightly doozies in this concept album about the Essex Witch Trials of 1645.

While it sounds like Hayman and his lengthy parliamentarians might be going for a Sufjan Stevens, earthy indie folkster vibe, they fall cringe-inducingly short, with the only tolerable moments arriving in the handful of evocative instrumentals in this collection of 20 (yes, 20) numbers.

Impossible Times - Darren Hayman and the L

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