Muse reveal elaborate stage sets

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  • 17 October 2012
Muse singer Matt Bellamy

Matt Bellamy

Muse's new stage set features a construction suspended from the ceiling which turns into a pyramid and "eats" the band

Muse get "eaten" by a pyramid on their forthcoming tour.

The trio are preparing to go on the road in support of their new album 'The 2nd Law' and are thrilled with the giant shape-shifting structure they have built above the stage which will eventually descend and consume the band.

Frontman Matt Bellamy explained: "It's basically an upside down pyramid, which is a very symbolic gesture.

"A lot of people think the pyramid represents power structures in every walk of life. The pyramid seems to represent the power structures of the world, or what some people see as a justice of the world. It can all be summarised by a pyramid.

"Turning it upside down is a gesture as to what we think of that. But during the concert it becomes a pyramid and eats the band. Then we escape out of it."

The band are famed for their spectacular live shows but they think this tour will be their best yet.

Matt added to NME magazine: "This is definitely the best stage show we've ever had, no question. I don't know how we're going to top it, to be honest.

"Usually there's something that's seemed not quite right. But this is all really right. And it makes me nervous."


Full on bombastic assault of operatic guitar gymnastics from the mighty Muse.

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