Bruce Forsyth's job worries

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 17 October 2012
Bruce Forsyth

Sir Bruce Forsyth

Sir Bruce Forsyth, 84, is always worried about which job he will get next which leaves him feeling "unstable" about his career

Sir Bruce Forsyth is worried about which job he will get next.

The 84-year-old TV host feels "unstable" about his career because even when he lands a presenting role he is constantly concerned about what he will do afterwards.

He said: "You can't help but feel a little bit unstable about your career and what's going to be the next job.

"You never know how long it'll last."

Despite the 'Strictly Come Dancing' co-host's concerns, Bruce - who previously presented 'Play Your Cards Right', 'The Generation Game' and 'Bruce's Price is Right' - regrets doing so many 80s game shows, and admits he only did so because they were an easy financial gain.

He added to Loaded magazine: "It was easy money."

Bruce recently admitted he has no plans to retire and believes he will know when the time is right to call it a day on his career because those close to him will tell him.

He said: "I will know, my loved ones, my darling wife, my agent, manager Jan and Ian they will tell me, I've always told them if I look as though I'm over the hill you know just tell me but I think I'll know myself."

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