Errors - Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Sat 15 Oct (4 stars)

Errors - Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Sat 15 Oct

Electronic producer Dam Mantle generated a fitting tone as support for fellow Glaswegians Errors' Saturday night show: ambient house grooves warming a relaxed and ready crowd. Recently condensed into a trio Errors showed some signs of trepidation, noting with bashful showmanship that ‘there’s quite a few of you, which is nice’ as the venue neared capacity. Achieving a consistently infectious live delivery, the band’s trademark beats and bass took precedence, music brimming with woozy instrumentals which glimmered, as ever, in the same euphoric territory as Rock Action labelmates Remember Remember and founders Mogwai.

A pitstop on their autumn tour, the evening’s purpose is to promote futuristic ‘mini album’ New Relics, itself a swift leap from the much lauded Have Some Faith in Magic, and they highlight this early on: ‘We’ve got a new record and we’re going to play some songs from it’. Old and new tracks are scattered with hazy synths, tribal drumming and reverberating metallic samples, while echoing vocals sit submerged in eerie soundscapes. Overall highlights include a rhythmic rendition of ‘A Rumour in Africa’ and the pulsating ‘Tusk’ - while their more meditative new material incorporates a cameo from female vocalist Bek Olivia on haunting and sublime single ‘Relics’.

New Relics

Errors and Dam Mantle

Glasgow electronica outfit going from strength to strength with third album Have Some Faith In Magic out on Mogwai's Rock Action label.

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