AlunaGeorge interview - and how to have a hellishly good Halloween

AlunaGeorge interview - and how to have a hellishly good Hallowe'en

The much hyped pop duo share some of their Halloween memories

Back in June, AlunaGeorge released their debut EP, 'You Know You Like It'. Cue an immediate internet spike in popularity for the London duo of producer George Reid and singer Aluna Francis. Those three tracks ('You Know You Like It', 'Just A Touch' and 'Put Up Your Hands' - listen below) blended UK glitch and bass culture with R&B sheen and British pop sensibilities, catching the ears of everyone from the NME and The Guardian to Pitchfork and Spin, and pinning some's hopes on AlunaGeorge as one of 2012's brightest young pop things.

The List caught up with them, not to talk about their fast rise through the ranks on the blogosphere, but to chat about dead waitresses, pumpkin carving and black bin bags instead…

Do you normally do anything special at Halloween?
Aluna: Every year i'm like, 'Yep i'm gonna carve a wicked pumpkin, get a load of sweets and make hallowepen happening on my street.' Last year i managed to grab some penny sweets, a floppy witches hat and a plastic pumpkin bucket, but the time I got home it was too late so I just ate all the sweets myself! 
George: Not so much. I used to go out and trick or treat when I was a kid.

What are your plans for this year?
A: Well, I love pumpkin pie, it's one of my favourite puddings (apple crumble is no. 1) so I might make one of those, dress up as a dead chef… or maybe a dead waitress (kinky!) and serve it to my flatmates.
G: No idea right now, Probably chill out and eat the sweets that the kids are hoping to get by knocking on the door.
Are there any previous fancy dress costumes you’re particularly proud of?
A: I remember one year me and my mum were going to the same party and we got some pretty good stuff going on with black bin bags and tape…misplaced pride perhaps. 
G: I'm really struggling to remember, I would always leave it to the last minute and normally buy some terrible mask and a can of silly string. 
Any dream Halloween outfits you’d like to wear, given the chance?
A: I think I'd go as The Crow, a classic move but then I'm a girl so…
G: Could I get away with dressing up as a Ghostbuster? that would be amazing.
If someone was a bit short on ideas on what to wear to a fancy dress party, can you suggest a few key items?
A: Always start with the face paint. Don't scrimp, in fact let someone else just go wild on your face because if you do it yourself you'll be a delicate trying to make it look good when you need to look BAD! then just chuck in black tight stuff for an all round goth look.
G: Maybe some fake blood could go a long way. Get some fake teeth and a witches hat. Never be afraid to mix up your themes even in one outfit.
What tracks would you want to hear on a Halloween playlist?
Obviously 'Thriller' and then maybe the soundtrack to a Tim Burton film. 
G: The usual, 'Thriller', 'Ghost Town', 'The Monster Mash'. 
Do you have a favourite horror movie?
I hate horror films but I did watch The Orphanage and thought it was amazing.
G: The original [Texas] Chainsaw Massacre. It gets me every time. Something about the recording of the sound on the film back in the 70s or whatever makes the sound of the chainsaw super, super gritty and the screams extra bloodcurdling. 
Do you have a favourite creepy book/ album/ other that would be good to dig out at this time of year?
Some of Raold Dahl's stories like The Magic Finger and The Witches are well creepy, would love to read them round a fire in a creepy wood.
G: Not sure. Anything by RL Stine.

AlunaGeorge play Nice'n'Sleazy, Glasgow, Fri 16 Nov.

AlunaGeorge - Your Drums, Your Love

AlunaGeorge, Discopolis and The Good Natured

Electronica with a 90s R&B influence from London duo Aluna Francis and George Reid.


Electronic sounds laced with pop and R&B from London duo Aluna Francis and George Reid.

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