Barbara Kingsolver - Flight Behaviour (4 stars)

Barbara Kingsolver - Flight Behaviour

A densely written, glacially paced and beautifully characterised novel from the prolific writer

Named after a cheap wreath in the mistaken belief that it sounded like a name from the bible, Dellarobia Turnbow is a picture of redneck suppression. Stuck in a bloodless marriage with a fat imbecile whose parents control their lives on a struggling Appalachian farm, Dellarobia dreams of change and excitement. One day she witnesses what could be an ecological or biblical miracle or disaster in the forested mountains above the farm. What she sees brings visiting journalists, sightseers, opportunists and scientists to the area and with them comes the possibility of escape.

Flight Behaviour is a natural progression for prolific novelist, essayist and poet Barbara Kingsolver whose previous books include The Poisonwood Bible and The Lacuna (about Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo). Densely written, glacially paced, beautifully characterised and beholden of a deep humanity and eco-literate agenda, this is the work of a writer at the very top of her complex and unblinking game.

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