Nick Miles: Emmerdale live episode is pointless

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  • 15 October 2012
Nick Miles

Nick Miles

Emmerdale's Nick Miles thinks it is pointless to have a live episode for the programme's 40th anniversary because it will be a "logistical nightmare" and an unnecessary "huge challenge" for the ITV1 soap's crew

Emmerdale's Nick Miles thinks it is pointless to have a live episode for the programme's 40th anniversary.

The actor - who has played Jimmy King in the ITV1 soap since 2004 - admits Wednesday's (17.10.12) one-off special will be a "logistical nightmare" and thinks the unnecessary episode is only taking place to follow in the footsteps of Coronation Street's 50th anniversary live episode in 2010.

He said: "I am rather unenthusiastic about it. I'm dreading it, to be honest. We shouldn't be doing it, if you ask me. I'm not impressed.

"We seem to be doing it for the sake of it, because it's soap tradition on an anniversary.

"I work with people who are really good at making recorded television. Now we suddenly have to do some live telly, which is a logistical nightmare.

"It's not so bad for the actors. Most come from a theatre background and are used to performing live. I'm not worried about fluffing a line.

"But for the crew, it's a huge challenge. When someone walks into the Woolpack, the outside is filmed in the purpose-built village in the countryside, but the inside scenes are actually filmed in the studio in Leeds, nine miles away."

Nick is particularly concerned about the weather messing up his female colleagues' hair and while he doesn't think the episode will be realistic because of the difference in climate compared to Tuesday's (16.10.12) episode - which was filmed six weeks ago - he admits it will be "one hell of an achievement" if it goes well.

He added to the Sunday Mercury newspaper: "The long-range forecast was for snow, but I think it will be raining and windy.

"The wind is what we fear the worst. It will be hell for the sound - and for the women's hair. I don't have to worry about that so much!

"It's also going to be really difficult for continuity, because the events of Tuesday's episode, which we filmed six weeks ago when it was all leafy and green, are supposed to take place on the same day as Wednesday's live episode.

"If we pull it off, it will be one hell of an achievement."

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