Graham Norton: 'I wouldn't do serious TV'

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  • 15 October 2012
Graham Norton

Graham Norton

Graham Norton doesn't think he would be the right person to "ever" present a serious TV show

Graham Norton doesn't want to ever present a serious programme.

The Irish comedian - who currently has his own show on BBC One - does not think he is the right kind of person to front a worthy show, and has given permission for people to "shoot" him if he ever does.

He said: "Of course, it'd be nice to do a show that changed lives or even have some serious content, but I'd just be doing that for myself, not the audience.

"There are many presenters and interviewers who can present informed and intelligent content better than me, so with regret I feel it's my duty to play the role of clown.

"If you ever hear that I'm going to present some serious documentary or discussion programme, you have my permission to shoot me."

Despite having stars including Madonna, Kim Cattrall and Katy Perry on his couch in the past, Graham admits he has very few showbiz friends.

He said: "It is odd that while I'm on nodding terms with loads of celebs I don't make plans to hang out. Occasionally I try and we see each other a few times and then the friendship just fades away like badly applied fake tan."

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