Amanda Palmer spends $1.2million

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  • 12 October 2012
Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer has spent all of the $1.2million she raised through fans to make her new album, 'Theatre Is Evil'

Amanda Palmer has spent all of the $1.2million she raised to make her new album.

The 'Coin Operated Boy' singer got the astronomical amount by going directly to fans to fund her solo album, 'Theatre Is Evil', and although all the money has gone, it's all been spent wisely on her career.

She told RedBulletin magazine: "It's all gone. People look at it and they see a giant pile of money, but we're running a business. It doesn't make you rich, it just means that your volume of business has increased.

"The production of the CD, vinyl and art book, including shipping costs, was $300,000 alone.

"All the money [went] directly back on the product, the stage show, and the videos.

"I'd much rather live that way than make a compromised product."

Amanda - who is also half of duo Dresden Dolls - left her previous record company, Roadrunner Records three years ago because they wanted to market her as a 'girlie pop star', and finds getting things done is much easier now she doesn't have any corporate ties.

She added: "I can use Facebook and in 15 minutes do what it used to take two months for a label to do. But when I'm putting together a tour I need someone who sits at a desk and makes calls. That's why the record industry won't die - but in the future the artists will be leading the conversation instead of the corporation."

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