Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson back together

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  • 9 October 2012
Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson are back together, their 'Made in Chelsea' co-star Jamie Laing has confirmed

Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson are back together.

Jamie Laing has confirmed his 'Made in Chelsea' co-stars have rekindled their romance following their split at the end of the E4 reality show's third series in June, which saw Spencer go on to appear in Channel 5 programme 'The Bachelor' over the summer to look for a new woman.

Jamie - who used to date Louise but had his heart broken by the brunette beauty when she cheated on him with Spencer - exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "They are back together, yes. I've sort of tried to step away from that, Spenny's my boy but Louise can do whatever she wants. I'll be doing my own thing."

The 22-year-old McVitie's heir insists the upcoming fourth 'Made in Chelsea' series will be the most "dramatic" and he revealed there are some tense moments when some of the new male stars clash with the existing cast members.

He added: "There are three new boys, they are all my friends from uni and there is always tension, but the real boys, the A-Team, always win so it's fine.

"This series is actually going to be the best series, there's loads more drama, loads of kissing, hooking up so it's going to be great. I get involved a little bit."

But the blonde hunk's good friend Hugo Taylor will not be returning to the show as he's quit the programme to launch a career in America, which Jamie admits is a shame for the E4 series.

He explained: "Hugo is doing his own thing in America and good luck to him. He's one of my best friends and always will be and it sucks when someone leaves."

The fourth series of 'Made in Chelsea' starts on Monday (15.10.12) at 10pm on E4.

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