Graham Norton: 'TV needs more nudity'

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  • 9 October 2012
Graham Norton

Graham Norton

Graham Norton thinks modern TV shows are too "goody goody" and believes more nudity is needed

Graham Norton thinks there is not enough nudity on TV.

The outspoken comedian believes television shows such as 'Queer as Folk' - which depicted graphic sex scenes - could not be made now as very few shows are as controversial as they used to be.

He said: "The big drama hits now are so goody goody. You would never see a nipple on 'Downton Abbey'.

"And you'd have thought that by now in 'EastEnders' there could be nudity. But that's not the case. If you think back to some of the shows we watched growing up like 'I, Claudius' that would never be shown now. I wonder, would 'Queer as Folk' happen now?"

Graham - who rose to fame on Channel 4 before moving to the BBC, where is now one of their highest paid stars - believes the "climate" in TV is now different, causing people to be more conservative.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, he said: "The climate has changed. There are things we can't say and do on TV or radio that 10 years ago we absolutely could have said or shown. We'd show a picture that might've had a penis in it and we can't show that now."

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