Tracy Barlow using Ryan for 'fun'

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  • 9 October 2012
Kate Ford

Kate Ford

'Coronation Street's Tracy Barlow only sees her relationship with Ryan Connor as a "bit of fun," despite the fact she is about to announce she is pregnant with his baby

'Coronation Street's Tracy Barlow only sees her relationship with toy boy Ryan Connor as a "bit of fun".

The scheming brunette is set to announce she is pregnant with the kebab shop worker's child, but Kate Ford - who plays Tracy - insists her character doesn't take it seriously.

She said: "She throws herself at him actually. I don't mean to be blunt, but she's liking the sex.

"For him it's more of a relationship, but for her it's a bit of fun - she really fancies him."

Tracy is also using Ryan (Sol Heras) - who is 14 years her junior - to get back at his mother, Michelle, who is currently dating her ex-husband, Steve McDonald.

Kate added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "[Tracy] saw his mum, Michelle, in the doorway and realised that [Ryan] was doing it to get at her. So then she thinks 'it's a really good idea'."

Ryan is said to be left devastated by Tracy's actions, while she takes great pleasure in publicly announcing he is to be the father of her child, and Michelle the grandmother.

Kate added she is hoping her volatile character's juicy storylines will continue as she hopes to stay on the ITV soap for a few more years.

She added: "Definitely for the next few years, if they'll have me.

"I used to get itchy feet, but my priorities have changed.

"I love 'Coronation Street'. I need to make money for my family and I know which side my bread is buttered."

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