Again, a Time Machine (3 stars)

Again, a Time Machine

Photo: Vilmante Kirvelaite

Touring exhibition celebrating radical art practices of the late 20th century

As print media gasps its last, non-profit publisher and arts organisation Book Works holds firm on that last unoccupied mound. Again, a Time Machine is a touring exhibition and curio paean to radical art practices of the late 20th century. Anarchic conceptualism, spoken word and performance art are celebrated as is the documentation and paperwork that goes with it. Again, a Time Machine reminds us that life was once rich in such ephemera.

Book Works has opened its archives and asked a load of artists to let loose. The result is as intriguing as it is bewildering. The main room of the exhibition is dominated by fictional archive table display Make the Living Look Dead. Material and related publications of Book Works' artists jostle for place. Jeremy Deller's jukebox still, Steve Beard and Victoria Halford's This is Slavery and Giles Eldridge's Black to the Future hold their own in the clutter. Jonathan Monk's A Poster Project is a pleasingly perverse take on the art of fly postering, Inventory's Smash This Puny Existence poster tapestry is a rare beast of insurrection and the selection of recent works by French artist Laure Prouvost are full of humour and mischief.

Edinburgh Printmakers until 3 Nov.

Again, A Time Machine

A touring exhibition created by Book Works exploring how artists play with words, the written, the read, the spoken and the published.

Book Works Gallery Talk

Book Works' director, Jane Rolo, discusses the Again, A Time Machine project (the fruits of which are currently on show in the gallery) and the history of Book Works as a publisher and commissioning organisation.

Bringing the Dead to Life

A launch for the book of the current exhibition, Again, A Time Machine with evening short readings by artists and writers commissioned and hosted by Book Works.

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