Wounded Knee - Secret Museum of Kind Man (4 stars)

Wounded Knee - Secret Museum of Kind Man

A playful slice of 'spiritual folk-jazz' with a touch of disco

‘More lo-fi spiritual folk-jazz from Leith’s finest exponent of lo-fi spiritual folk-jazz,’ promises Krapp’s fourth tape, Secret Museum of Kind Man – a play on Pat Conte’s Secret Museum of Mankind Ethnic Classic anthologies (Wounded Knee, aka Drew Wright is nothing if not playful) – but it could equally be subtitled, ‘Wounded Knee’s disco album.’ Or at least, in parts, it could.

There’s toy-box hoedown ‘Dubh It’ for starters, the rare groove of ‘Tar Tan Tat’, and amid a typically warm and welcoming throng of DIY lullabies, folk harangues and a cappella punk (‘Wightman’s Blues’ is a notable rant inspired by Scottish land defender Andy Wightman), there’s a mantra for life on ‘Always Disco’: ‘disco, disco, always disco,’ Wright laughs. Amen to that.

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