We Are The Physics - Your Friend, The Atom (4 stars)

  • The List
  • 8 October 2012
We Are The Physics - Your Friend, The Atom

'Mutant science punk rock' with a sense of humour

We commonly laugh out loud at bands – hello Muse – but why aren’t more of them intentionally funny? Like Devo funny? Or Sparks, or Jonathan Richman, or Jeffrey Lewis funny?

Welcome, album two by Glasgow ‘mutant science punk rock’ outfit WATP. Their scoring a cameo in Stuart Murdoch’s forthcoming God Help The Girl film sounds unlikely, but Murdoch’s shrewd to recognise that a group this stupidly entertaining live – all jerky, stop-start dancing and geeky big specs – belong onscreen, or momentarily at least.

These 14 frantic tunes lose their fizz with time, but the first spins are funny with a capital fun. ‘All My Friends Are JPEGS’ satirises the social media age with sardonic delight. The shouty resolve of the breakdown in ‘Goran Ivanesevic’ practically feels like a punch-line. Another song is called ‘Dildonics’. Enough said.

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