Ital - Dream On (3 stars)

Ital - Dream On

A fun but unenlightening experimental electronica album from Brooklyn artist Daniel Martin-McCormick

Brooklyn artist Daniel Martin-McCormick, aka Ital (and one half of Mi Ami) is having a rather busy year with this his second album on Planet Mu in less than 12 months, and countless global touring to boot. Dream On attempts to cluster a lot of variation onto seven humble tracks, with the freakish 2-step claps found on ‘Boi’ and the beautifully twisted warmth of ‘Housecapella’.

It has fiercer production sound to that of his previous releases on 100% Silk and the excellent Hive Mind full length, which lends itself entirely in the live scenario but lacks some of the nuances and studio depth required outside of the club. It’s a fun trip, but a somewhat unenlightening one for the sum of its parts - a little too discordant at times due to the overtly hybrid nature of the jams.

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