Iglomat - Super Complication (3 stars)

Iglomat - Super Complication

Mogwai-esque instrumental post-rock with a spooky, dehumanised atmosphere

Super Complication is putting it lightly: variously based in Edinburgh, Austin and Los Angeles, Iglomat members bounced tracks some six-thousand miles and back again via the internet over a year en route to this record’s completion. Judging its quality seems almost unfair after all that, but gladly it’s easy to find plenty of merit in their second cyber-engineered album to date, even if it’s hardly the most original thing you’ll hear.

Early-period Mogwai-isms pervade, but then it’s impossible to do instrumental post-rock and not sound Mogwai-esque, and Iglomat do Mogwai-esque better than most – from the thudding drums and pinched harmonics of ‘Generalife’ to the speedy Krautrock of ‘New Fast Clockwork’. The band’s trans-continental dynamic lends an almost spookily dehumanised feel to proceedings, conjuring the eerie image of instruments playing themselves in a deserted studio.