Various artists - Whatever Gets You Through The Night (4 stars)

Various artists - Whatever Gets You Through The Night

Impressive collection of songs released as part of wide-ranging multi-media project

‘The night’s getting colder’, sings Withered Hand on opening brass-folk serenade ‘A New Case’, and his words reflect the moon-lit backdrop of this terrific pop anthology. Its exclusive songs explore contemporary Scotland at 4am, as part of Cora Bissett, Swimmer One and David Greig’s multimedia endeavour, Whatever Gets You Through The Night.

The album’s evocative titles include Ricky Ross’s searching psalm ‘The North Star’, Eugene Kelly’s post-party anthem ‘Chips and Cheese’, Emma Pollock’s swoon-inducing ‘Dark Skies’, RM Hubbert’s heartening ‘Hanging Pointers’, Meursault’s gorgeous hymn, ‘A New Cure’, and Rachel Sermanni’s ‘Lonely Taxi, 2am’.

It’s not all homeward-bound introspection, however – Wounded Knee and Bigg Taj construct an a cappella beat-box rave on ‘Live at the Bongo Club’, Errors bring the all-night dancefloor vibe with a euphoric electro wig-out on the brilliant ‘Embassy Approach’ and Conquering Animal Sound’s ‘Ultimate Heat Death of the Universe’ makes for equally stunning machine-pop.

The loneliness of the longest hour brightens on closing lullaby, ‘Saint Elmo.’ ‘By the glorious morning, we were seeing the dawn in and when I say we, I mean I, myself and me,’ laments Withered Hand, but in doing so he casts a light: if we have music, we’re not alone. That’s what gets us through the night.