Olly Murs 'couldn't watch' Xtra Factor

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  • 7 October 2012
Olly Murs

Olly Murs

Olly Murs admits he could not watch 'Xtra Factor' when he was replaced by guest hosts on the show because of his touring commitments

Olly Murs "couldn't watch" 'Xtra Factor' when he was replaced by guest hosts.

The 28-year-old star missed presenting the spin-off show because of touring commitments in the US and he admits he found it difficult to see co-host Caroline Flack working with other people.

He said: "I actually messaged her after I saw the Boot Camp episode and I couldn't watch The Xtra Factor because [former Westlife star] Kian [Egan] was doing it. I texted her, 'I can't watch you with someone else, it upsets me.' It wasn't right to watch her having fun on screen with someone else!"

Though Olly missed working with Caroline, she claimed she was enjoying herself too much to get upset about him not being with her during the auditions.

He said: "We were in touch a lot and she kept sending me pictures, saying, 'Here we are, the Xtra Factor team, and we're missing you.' Then she'd add, 'I'm not really missing you, I'm having so much fun with Jedward.' It was very funny."

Olly praised the work Caroline - who was the subject of criticism following her relationship with One Direction singer Harry Styles - did on the show without him.

He added: "What she's done with the show this year is brilliant and she deserves a big pat on the back. Some publications have been quite harsh about her relationship with Harry, so she was a little worried

what the press would say about her being back on the show.

"But put that aside, she's one of the best presenters in the country. She's funny, she's a great laugh and she's got a great personality."

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